Rabu, 06 Mei 2009

Is Homework Necessary?

Recently, students are faced to large school activities. Besides do daily activities at school they also have to join at some extra activities that out from schooling time. The contra grows when at the same time they also get any home works from their teacher. There are some for points with the homework side, and some others against point about it.

Some students say that home works from their teachers is useful for them. It can help them to get more knowledge by the assignment. Moreover they say by doing the homework they can more understand about the lesson have just they got in the morning. Because usually the reason why the teacher gives them large home works in order they want to open study about the material once more time. By that ways students can be cleverer than ever.

To add that opinions some people also see that giving homework can increase their discipline character. They can manage their time as well as possible. Their study time can be controlled and other waste activities can be decreased.

In another hand, some students mostly complain about the homework from their teachers. They say that so difficult to them to do more than a activities at once. When they have to finish some extra activities, their time is lost by doing homework. Some of their activities have to be ignored, whereas their extra activities can be told more than repeating the lesson that have got and clear at school.

Aren’t lees some fact show many students absent because of sick. And by moreover observe they say sick cause of being tried. Their health lost by spending time that’s not balance. They have to finish many home works, do extra activities, till ignore sleep time or even weekends. It will be pity the students if have to burden by many home works while the studying at school too.

In spite of controversy of the needed of homework that can help some students be more high quality human. We also have to check the capacity of our brain that so limited to great fulltime planning. Be a Wiseman on defeat our time, brain and healthy as well as possible.

(by Yuliana P, XII A3)

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